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Weight Loss Management

Mega-burn Injections

The Mega-Burn injection has a combination of B vitamins which include;
B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B12 (Active Form- Methyl Cobalamin). It also includes Vitamin C, Inositol, and Choline. These supplements improve fat and carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism resulting in increased energy and potential weight loss when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep. It can help you body detoxify the liver and decrease cholesterol levels.

Benefits Include:
  • Supports mitochondrial function
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Boosts energy
  • Enhances red blood cell production by increasing blood oxygen carry capacity
  • Increases fat metabolism
  • May help reduce the risk of developing a fatty liver
  • Enhances mental and athletic performance
  • May decrease appetite
Option 1:

Stop by our office anytime we are open to get an injection for:

  • $20.00 – Members
  • $25.00 – Non-Members
Option 2:

Buy a 10ml vial kit and do injections at home for:

  • $100.00 – Members
  • $125.00 – Non-Members
How long does it last?

Since Mega-Burn is made at a compounding pharmacy it will expire in 30 days. However, it is still able to be used for up to 30 days after the expiration date with no side effects. There are two options for how to take the mega burn injections.

Option 1:

Inject 2cc of Mega-Burn into the glut (buttocks) once a week. The vial will last approximately 5 weeks when using this method.

Option 2:

Inject 1cc of Mega-Burn into the deltoid (arm) once a week. The vial will last approximately 10 weeks when using this method.

Mega-Burn also works well when combined with Phentermine!

Semaglutide 2.65mg/ml + L-Carnitine 100mg/ml

We are excited to offer one of the most promising new weight loss medications to hit the market in years! Semaglutide is a once weekly injection which has been providing dramatic weight loss results. In addition to the Semaglutide, L-carnitine, a potent fat mobilization amino acid is added to the compounded medication to increase fat loss. Contact us today!

Semaglutide is ideal for patients who have a considerable amount of weight to lose. This medication is a powerful appetite suppressant that can help patients lose 50-100 pounds when combined with exercise and lifestyle modifications. That is weight loss patients see with gastric bypass surgery!

How Does it Work?

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 Agonist. GLP-1 Agonists work by stimulating the pancreas to produce additional insulin upon eating which allows our cells to absorb sugar for energy along with slowing the stomach’s emptying time. This signals the brain a feeling of fullness. This results in a powerful and long-lasting appetite suppression along with improving blood sugar levels. 

How is it taken?

This medication is administered as a once weekly injection underneath the skin.

The medication is dosed by units on an insulin syringe. The first dose will be 10 units, the dose is increased by 10 units each week as tolerated. The maximum dose at one time is 100 units but patients may not need that much.

The dose is patient specific, meaning when the patient feels maximum appetite suppression, we do not go any higher, we stay at that dose until the suppression wears off and we have to increase the dose or your goal weight is met. 


The cost is $150/vial and there are 200 units/vial

Your first vial of medication will last anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your dose can be increased. Once your goal dose is reached for maximum appetite suppression that will determine how long our bottle will last moving forward.