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We truly value our patients and we love to hear about your experiences with us. If you are one of these members, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

Dakotah has been a pivotal part of my health journey. Not only is she knowledgeable and super attentive, but she also has taken more time with me than any other provider I’ve ever seen. She makes sure all of your questions are answered and didn’t make me feel rushed. She comes up with a plan for your health and I felt really taken care of. Her entire staff is super kind and her clinic is always clean and professional looking! I’d HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a personal touch with their provider.

Danielle N.

Honestly, it’s taken me a couple weeks to compose a review only because I struggled with the words to show my gratitude. I’ve struggled for years with the same symptoms and more aggressive symptoms over the last 6 months. My old doctor was zero help, even with the extensive research I did on my own about hormones in women my age. I have known Dakotah through mutual friends for years and knew it was time I trusted her with my health. I called the office AFTER HOURS (because I’m a mom and time gets away from me quickly) and left a message. Mercedes called me back within minutes and scheduled me an appointment. She was kind, funny and quick to get my appointment made! Dakotah sat with me for over an hour, listened to my every worry. She was knowledgeable in new medicines on the market for other minor things I have going on. We took blood and got to work!!! Fast forward four weeks, I have hormone pellets and I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON !!!!! I can’t explain how life changing it has been. This is the place you need to be if you are looking for a new provider… you will not be disappointed.

Racheal B.

I love the option of having a Saturday appointment. It’s so hard for me to schedule appointments during the week so this is a game changer for me! Dakotah is amazing and really cares about her patients and getting them the best treatment options!

Lindsey B.

Dakotah and Mercedes are very welcoming and willing to help. They help with a smile and show that they are hardworking! They both show they care and help with anxiety if you have white coat syndrome. They will work with you with appointments and comfort you when you have to get labs done! I fully recommend Dakotah as a good PA and a very trustful person! They both have a good heart and show a lot of care in their patients when needing comfort and help!

Kaleb R.

Integrity Medical is amazing! Dakotah is so awesome, kind, and brilliant! It is so nice to have a provider that is easy to talk to and legitimately cares about you! This health care model is really different than your traditional primary care office but in a great way. I take comfort in knowing I can call her anytime I need and she will take care of any needs. No long wait times in the lobby or waiting weeks to get in. She even provides telehealth if you can’t make it in to the office! Dakotah’s employee, Mercedes is amazing as well! She is so kind and always keeps me informed! These girls are seriously the “dream team”!

Jill P.

I’ve seen my fair share of medical providers and I have NEVER had someone treat me like I was family like Dakotah. She and Mercedes are absolutely the best there are! They went above and beyond to get me help! I can NOT recommend them enough! And the pricing is so affordable and they offer a variety of services!

Austin H.

I have been suffering for years without real answers. I even had an ER doctor tell me I just needed to get out in the garden and work and eat fresh foods. When I saw Dakotah for the first time, she really listened to me. She gave me back my hope! She saved my life. What she wasn’t able to do, she found the specialist needed. Turns out I had 2, yes two rare conditions that don’t show up with out testing specifically for them….I was starving to death while eating three meals a day, and, with inflammation and bloating, kept gaining weight. Dakotah and Mercedes make me feel like I really matter, and that they are glad to see, or hear from me! This makes a huge difference not just in my health, but in my life! I highly recommend this group for your health and well-being! For me, it has been life changing!

Leah K.

I highly recommend Integrity Medical. It starts when you walk through the door. You meet Mercedes that welcomes you with a awesome personality and a beautiful smile. When it comes time for you to go back to see Dr Dakota, she will greet you with a warm welcome and that same beautiful smile, after all they are sisters and they make such a winning team. Integrity medical has a awesome atmosphere. Dr. Dakotah never gets in a hurry and will give you as much time as needed with an awesome bedside manner. She will make you feel your health is in good hands and that she really cares. Integrity medical makes you feel that you have a real friend. Miss Dakotah is not only my primary care provider but my wife’s primary care provider also. If you are looking for a great doctor that you can trust to take care of your health and an awesome atmosphere I encourage you to give Integrity Medical a chance.

Jimmy S.

Literally from the moment I walked in the door, Dakotah and Mercedes were so friendly and welcoming. So different from walking into a normal medical office – no distractions, no chaos. Dakotah spent about 2 hours with me, and she listened to my concerns. Huge deal to me. Something cool I noticed is that she explains processes as she’s talking about different conditions. Overall, I was more than impressed, as well as relieved, to have painlessly found myself a new doctor in my new state.

Dawn S.

EXTREMELY pleased with Dakotah, I don’t think I’ve ever had such amazing care from a provider. She listened to me, she checked me out, and helped me with samples til I could see my doctor. Did I mention she LISTENED to me? So many times I’ve been brushed off, feeling unheard, and almost ashamed when I’ve went to see a provider in the past. Not here though. It’s a beautiful office, VERY clean and professional. I cannot say enough about my experience. If you are on the fence about going here, let this be the reason you say yes! I’m honest and I don’t leave reviews unless it’s horrible services or amazing services. Hands down 20/10!!

Kimberly B.