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                                                             *AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS, APPOINTMENT REQUIRED*

**Non-member pricing located at the bottom of the page   
**Non-member pricing includes Acute Care/ Urgent Care Visits, Hormone Replacement, Weight Loss Management         



Personalized Medical Binder designed for you by Dakotah. This binder is your key to becoming educated and organized!

Yearly Physical and Wellness Exam designed for age and demographics

Sports physical

Direct access to Dakotah via a members only number. Yes, you heard me correctly, you get a direct number to your provider! Dakotah loves to use technology as a convenient way to communicate with her patients via phone call, facetime or text meaning you don’t have to come into the office every time something is wrong. On day 1 you will be provided with the members only number and encouraged to reach out if needed. One of the many perks to becoming a member of Integrity Medical!!

Unlimited visits a month

  • Visits are minimum of 30 minutes up to 1 hour, longer or shorter if needed, this is all based upon the patients needs. You can always be guaranteed enough time to talk about all questions and concerns.
    • Visits can be used for anything related to your overall health and well-being to include; sick visits, chronic disease management or other services provided to include medication reconciliation, tobacco cessation counseling, nutritional counseling, weight loss counseling, disease state education (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, depression, anxiety, etc.) just to name a few.
    • Visits can also be used to fill out paperwork to include transportation applications, medication extra help program applications, FMLA forms or disability forms, etc. at no extra cost.
    • Guaranteed same day or next day visit
    • No additional co-pays 
    • No “no-call-no show” fees
    • No being discharged because you had to reschedule
    • No unanticipated bills after leaving the office

Telemedicine visits when needed.

  • Many things can be handled this way!
  • Imagine you are a busy parent and have been feeling a little under the weather, crazy I know because you are super humans, but it happens! You can’t stop life to go to your primary care provider or an urgent care for a visit because you have children and you are BUSY! What if you could call your healthcare provider on her cellphone number, take 10 minutes while you sit in your car or at home and have a telemedicine visit?!? You could get an antibiotic, if needed, in 15-20 minutes without stopping your day, for too long?!?!?! TALK ABOUT CONVENIENT!!!! One of the MANY ways Integrity Medical can make your life a little easier.

Well Woman exam to include a manual breast exam and pap smear once yearly

Referrals to specialists if needed

Prior authorizations for medications if needed

Testing included in your membership (below are testing and procedures included in your membership for 1 year):

Rocephin injection x 1, Solumedrol injection x 1, Rapid strep test x 2, Rapid flu test x 2, Urinalysis testing x 4, Urine drug screen x 4, laceration repair x 1, suture removal x 1, staple removal x 1, incision and drainage of an abscess x 2, skin tag removal, wart removal  

We offer wholesale pricing on labs and outpatient imaging 

If you have insurance it can be used for other services provided outside of Integrity Medical to include specialist’s visits, blood work and any imaging or testing as necessary, etc.


Additional Services / Testing (not included in membership):

Rapid COVID Test: $65

Rapid COVID Antibody Test: $35

B12 injection: Members: $15 / Non-Members $20

TB Skin testing: $30

Testosterone Kits (hormone replacement patients): Members: $75 / Non-Members $85

Weight loss management: Call for pricing

Wholesale labs: Call for list (ranging from $6-$10 each)

Non-Member Pricing:

(The following services are included with a membership)

Walk-in for Acute care or Urgent care needs: $89 / visit  (price does not include additional testing or labs if needed)

Hormone replacement or Weight loss management: $50 / visit  (price does not include labs or medication)

Rapid flu test: $25/each

Rapid strep test: $25/each

Urinalysis: $20/each

Urine Drug Screen: $45/each

Wart removal: $30

Skin tag removal: $30-first 10 / $4 for each additional one after 10

Laceration repair: $100 , Suture removal: $30

Staple removal: $30

Incision and drainage of an abscess: $50

Wholesale labs: Call for list (ranging from $6-$10)




Visit our FAQ page for additional questions.